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June 30, 2015

CP Plus' new campaign marks its foray into the home segment, breaking the perception that video surveillance is meant for large establishments

In the list of odd categories to take to advertising, CCTVs (Closed-circuit television) would probably top the list. Often considered expensive, CCTVs are associated with government establishments, enterprises and public places. However, new-generation HD CCTVs are now available with wireless, plug-in facilities and activities can be viewed real-time on a smartphone from a remote location. As such security solutions become more affordable and user-friendly, players are increasingly looking to cater to the day-to-day security needs of consumers. It is to capture this growing B2C (home/residential market) video surveillance that a player in this space, CP Plus, launched a marketing campaign titled Uparwala sab dekh raha hai.

"The campaign aims to break the myth that CCTV cameras are expensive and only meant for large establishments - a major deterrent for players like us looking to expand in home and B2C segments," says Yogesh Dutta, COO, CP Plus.

It is perhaps the first cohesive campaign in a category largely dominated by local players who mostly sell products sourced from China with no assurance on quality and service. "There is no big brand in the video surveillance industry that people are aware of. The major banes in the segment have been quality and performance. Those who have installed CCTVs are not satisfied with the quality," says Dutta. Clearly, here is an unorganised market dominated by local players. "To break the clutter, we decided to come up with a price-point which a local company cannot match both in terms of quality and service," says Dutta. The security cameras from CP Plus start at Rs 1,999.

Consider these industry numbers: India's video surveillance market is expected to reach $615.5 million in 2018 (source: IHS). Though analogue based surveillance systems accounts for a majority of the share (67.8 per cent) in the overall market, IP based surveillance systems are expected to grow with a relatively higher CAGR of 41.78 per cent from 2011-2016 ( 6Wresearch). The market is witnessing a shift towards IP surveillance cameras on account of declining prices. The category is highly fragmented - very few companies manufacture CCTV and video surveillance equipment in India and the vast majority of them import products from other Asian countries. So there is hardly any brand recall in the category.

"The category has been focused on B2B. There is a need gap that exist in the home segment. We saw huge opportunity for the brand to play in this space. The campaign addresses all aspects of security, both institutional and social," says Abhinav Kaushik, vice-president, Dentsu Marcom, the creative agency for the campaign.

The campaign comprises three-films each depicting a day-to-day situation where the security camera can act as a deterrent. The first TVC revolves around ragging, second on eve-teasing and third is about a house-maid. "The communication has gone beyond the usual product narrative to capture the emotional need of security - to build reassurance beyond a mere rational and clinical product promise. This led to the brand sign-off, upar wala sabh dekh raha hai, a common colloquial Hindi phrase to signify you are watched," says Vishal Mittal, senior creative director, Dentsu Marcom.

"The category has matured from being purely B2B to B2C. We decided the communication has to be homogeneous," says Dutta. The target audience for the campaign comprises influencers and decision-makers. The task is as much about awareness as it is about creating a market segment. The campaign is further supported by print, packaging, radio and outdoor. Also the brand has tied-up with e-commerce sites for a wider reach. The company has a pan-India presence and covers 900 towns.

"The video feed from CP Plus IP CCTV cameras (HD) can be watched on the company's mobile app installed on a smartphone and live streaming of the feed can be checked at any time," says Dutta.

Since the launch of campaign in May, the company claims to have registered a manifold increase in queries. "When a new brand enters into the consumer space, there is lot of apprehension as to how it will be recognised in the marketplace. You don't want to get lost. There was a discussion whether we should go for celebrity endorsement. However, most of the celebrities at this juncture are endorsing multiple brands. So we decided against it," says Yogesh. CP Plus launched with IPL and tied up with Rajasthan Royals as their security partner and lead sponsor. It also did outdoor communication. Thereafter, the TV commercials were launched along with tie-ups with FM (Radio Mirchi) and PVR Cinemas. In the third phase of the campaign, starting July, the company will focus on digital activities.

According to industry estimates, the total budget of the campaign is around Rs 30-60 crore.


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