Viettel AI Camera For Safety: Security management solution and face time attendance

People Security and time attendance management will become simple and accurate with the support of Viettel AI Camera For Safety solution.

According to a report from 6W Research, Vietnam is ranked in the top 1 security surveillance system market, with the fastest growth rate in Southeast Asia. Currently, along with the development of economy and society, the need to ensure security for buildings, offices and warehouses is increasing. Traditional solutions such as using security patrols, using humans to monitor through cameras, using security guards to control access are gradually becoming ineffective due to the complexity of the object to be monitored, due to the cost costs and requirements for improved user experience.

To solve the problem of ensuring security, managing access to buildings, offices, warehouses, etc., the engineer team of Viettel Cyberspace Center has developed Viettel AI Camera for Safety Solution. This is a system that applies artificial intelligence technology in the field of computer vision to automatically analyze and process the signals sent from the camera, ensuring security for buildings, headquarters or other areas. protected areas with key features such as face recognition, recording time in and out; broadcast greetings by artificial voice, confirming successful attendance; warn strangers from entering the work area; warning that there is no one on duty at the transaction office; detect door opening and closing, night motion by infrared camera; face recognition of people entering and leaving; identify customer emotions; reporting system.

When implementing the AI ​​Camera for Safety Solution, it brings a lot of benefits not only to businesses and organizations but also to the employees themselves. Using the solution will help businesses and organizations manage their employees' time in and out well, limit coming in and leave early, increase work efficiency, and control the process and working style of employees. pellets automatically. This brings newness, modernity and professionalism in the service and feeling of staff. The system can give greetings and announcements according to flexible scenarios, which can be combined to communicate necessary information to employees. Prevent and minimize the situation of strangers making fake cards, impersonating to infiltrate businesses, thereby enhancing security and safety for working areas and warehouses, especially in enterprises.

For employees, the solution will help them have an interesting and new experience in timekeeping, being able to time attendance even when wearing a mask, wearing a hat, sitting in a car or the user's hand is wet, injured or in the process of being injured. carry utensils. Finally, it is possible to get the necessary communication information from the company.

Viettel AI Camera For Safety system is designed and developed to meet the requirements of modernity such as the application of advanced artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) and computer vision (Computer Vision) technologies. With the development of the world, outstanding as high recognition accuracy of over 98%, and fast recognition time of less than 1 second. The system is equipped with a natural, human-like artificial voice, which can flexibly customize the greeting and announcement scenario. Compliance with technical standards to ensure the ability to connect system components through standard connection interfaces as well as the ability to expand and develop the system in the future both horizontally (open) expand the system, integrate new functions,...) as well as vertically (connect with databases, programs,

However, engineers at Viettel Cyberspace Center also said that this is just a solution and technology will not be able to change the relationship between people, only leaders have the heart to understand. know your team from there to make the best decision.


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