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6Wresearch’s Aerospace and Defense practice assists our clients to understand the market trends, market developments which are prevailing across the globe. We specialize in market intelligence, evaluating market opportunities, mapping competition, and recommending our clients to target untapped and unexplored areas. Through our in-house database developed in last 10 years we are providing our services in more than 60 countries. 

6W is assisting our clients in the areas of communication and navigation systems, launch vehicles, aerospace systems, arms and ammunitions, unmanned vehicles, satellites, defense systems and equipment, MRO and many more. The services we provide helps our clients to take key strategic decisions based on our in-depth industry findings. For our Aerospace and Defense Practice corporate brochure, you can reach us at 


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Asia Pacific (APAC) Short Range Air Defense Market (2019-2025)
Asia Pacific short range air defense market is expected to grow in near future owing to rising terrorist activities and belligerent relations among neighboring nations. Since a long time, much... Read More
Europe Short-Range Air Defense System Market (2019-2025)
Growing government spending coupled with an increase in terrorist attacks in the region has led to the surge in demand for short-range air defense system market in the Europe region.... Read More
Global Short-Range Air Defense System Market (2019-2025)
Global short-range Air Defense System Market has registered growth due to an increase in unpredictable terror attacks and a surge in research and development in the capabilities of the short-range air defense systems.  Short-Range Air Defense Systems protects against low altitude aerial attacks such as unmanned... Read More
North America Short-Range Air Defense Systems Market (2019-2025)
North America short-range air defense system market is expected to grow in near future owing to the rising hostile relations with other nations and increasing expenditure of North America government towards defense.  North America is the leading region for short-range air defense system market and is... Read More
Asia Pacific (APAC) Undersea Warfare Market (2019-2025)
Border clashes among some of the Asian countries, increasing need to strengthen submarine and anti-submarine warfare, as well as growing defense budget to acquire advanced underwater capabilities, are some of the key growth drivers of the APAC undersea warfare market. Further, the APAC undersea warfare market... Read More
Europe Undersea Warfare Market (2019-2025)
The increasing need to secure maritime borders, the need to upgrade naval capabilities as well as rising defense budget are some of the key growth drivers of the Europe undersea warfare market. The European countries need safe sea navigation to maintain their military, civil... Read More
Latin America Undersea Warfare Market (2019-2025)
Undersea warfare includes certain underwater systems which help in identifying and tracking submarine, torpedo, and sea mines belonging to some other country. Rising underwater threats and enemy attacks from neighboring countries, increased defense spending, as well as advancement in technology to develop advanced marine combat and... Read More
Middle East & Africa (MEA) Undersea Warfare Market (2019-2025)
Consolidation of naval base to maintain underwater security, threats arising from global terrorism, and technological advancement leading to recognition of air force warfare is some of the key growth drivers of the Middle East and Africa undersea warfare market during the forecast period. However, the economic... Read More
Asia Pacific (APAC) Small Launch Vehicle Market (2019-2025)
The rise in the deployment of small satellites by the commercial sector along with growing demand for small satellite constellations would propel the demand for the small launch vehicle market.... Read More
Middle East & Africa (MEA) Small Launch Vehicle Market (2019-2025)
The upsurge in demand for small satellite groups along with expanding the use of SLVs in various sectors such as an increase in the distribution of small satellites for the... Read More
Asia Pacific (APAC) Small Satellite Market (2019-2025)
The increasing need for earth observation and monitoring, rising demand for low cost launching sites for small launch vehicles, a growing number of small manufacturers as well as government initiatives and grants... Read More
Europe Small Satellite Market (2019-2025)
The increasing need for earth surveillance, rising demand for microsatellites across commercial organizations and defense forces as well as budget constraints are some of the key growth drivers of the Europe Small Satellite Market over the coming years. The contraction of electronics components has stimulated the development of... Read More
North America Small Satellite Market (2019-2025)
The North America region accounts for the majority of the overall global small satellite market share. The market has witnessed increasing investment by manufacturers to expand their capacity, a growing number of... Read More
Latin America Small Satellite Market (2019-2025)
Latin America is one of the key small satellite markets globally. Demand for low cost satellites across industries, ongoing need for continuous earth surveillance, increased investment by venture companies as... Read More
Middle East & Africa (MEA) Small Satellite Market (2019-2025)
Increasing need for earth observation operations, growth of small satellite launch vehicles, emerging telecom sector as well as increased investment by venture firms are some of the key factors which... Read More

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